May in review

Whoops, been a while since I posted anything on here.  So what’s been going on in the month of May?

Firstly, and most recently, I spoke at the Zyme Global Channel Data Management Summit in London last week. This was the first time I’ve ever spoken publicly and I have to admit to being pretty nervous beforehand…

But it went really well! Feedback from the attendees was positive and the organisers thought it went really well too.  There were two full-sized TV cameras pointed at me so keep an eye on Twitter for clips from the talk…

In other news, my favourite Tableau dashboard (so far!) has been well received at work.  A completely new departure for me, going with non-corporate colours and the magic sliding-sheets-in-a-dashboard trick to create an interactive piece of analysis that is sustainable and easily adaptable! At some point I will get around to publishing sanitised versions of my creations… I need to also publish some awesome new datasources that have been made available, so a busy few weeks ahead.

I’m also starting a Udemy course on Machine Learning to scrub up my R and Python skills – lots of exciting projects upcoming with Big Data that I will hopefully be able to flex my programming fingers on.  Plus I hope to convince my team to upgrade our Tableau Server cluster to 10.2.2 in the next few weeks – so fun with TabPy can also be had!

In reading news, the Big Book of Dashboards landed on my desk a week or so ago – I’ve only had time to flick through it so far, but there looks like there’s so much in it that is going to be superbly useful…

And rounding off my review of the month at the start – I had the pleasure of attending Andy Kirk‘s Data Visualisation and Infographic Design workshop in London. A fantastic two days, I learnt an awful lot and have huge amounts to digest in my head.  800-odd slides in two days – and the first time I’ve ever digitally taken notes on my Surface too.

So that’s May in reverse. Onwards and upwards!

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